Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Taking It One Day at a Time

Working on the "self" can sometimes be a challenge.  The need to have self control in the everyday life of responsibilities.  Whether it be through relationships, at work, church and/or especially at home.  I have recently reconciled with the father of my children and we are planning to remarry.  We have decided to move into a small town home and start fresh with living our life together as a family again.
The children seem to have adjusted okay.  They are happy with dad and mom being back together.  It has taken some adjustments with making a few changes in how the house is run and the kids understanding that mom is not the only one who has a "say" now.  They are learning to accept and understand that dad too has a "say" in what goes on in their lives.
I recognize the challenges that I have been facing since we've been back together.  I've also noticed the confidence in my actions and choices when certain things that he might do, in the past I can see how I would be quick to react.  Today, it's so much different.  Being able to recognize where I stand in this relationship and how I see myself and value what I feel and think, has helped our relationship tremendously.  It has also helped with our communication not just with each other, but when it comes to talking with our kids.  Don't get me wrong, we have our moments, but one thing I know to work through when this happens, is controlling me and what I am thinking, feeling and going to do next.
I am thankful for the knowledge that I have today and the knowledge I will continue to learn about and grow from because of me wanting to be a better mom, wife, sister, daughter, etc. 
Taking it one day at a time is important for me to do.  I challenge myself on a daily basis to focus on the "here and now."  This helps me not to stress over things like finances, school, laundry, etc.  I definitely need to work at it, but when I do. I feel a lot more competent and confident things will turn out fine, if I just focus on working on one thing at a time, taking it one day at a time.