Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Giving Up is not an Option!

Being a parent has been one of the most rewarding and challenging responsibilities I have in my life.  Like other parents, I want the best for my children.  I want them to be honest and value themselves.  I want for them to work hard and do their best in all that they do.  I want them to make good choices and when they don't, take accountability for it and be a problem solver about it and/or ask for help when they are having a difficult time. 

I  have been truly blessed with wonderful kids.  That doesn't mean we don't have bad days.  Believe me, we have them.  I've recognized over the years of parenting my children, about 70% of it has been motivation through fear.  I use to beat myself up inside and hold a lot of guilt for the way I parented.  It stopped me from changing the way I chose to run the household.  When  I finally started to learn more about myself and the importance of taking care of my needs and the relationship I have with myself, it was then, that I started to take healthy risks and set boundaries with myself. 

I slowly discovered the greatness of my self worth and working on me mentally and emotionally.  The commitment I made to myself at that time was telling myself "Giving Up is not an Option."  I valued myself enough to be humble and allow others to help me.  Learning new skills and tools of how to create the same value in my children became such a success.  I no longer put myself down or hold on to the guilt.  I am quicker to forgive myself for past mistakes and mistakes that I continue to make.  And most important, my children are learning to find value within themselves and letting their voice be heard in the home.

"Giving Up is not an Option," it has helped me reach out to others when I thought I was going to lose myself.  I'm so happy to know that I can continue to progress in my journey as a parent. And to focus on the progress and not the mistakes.

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