Friday, June 7, 2013

The Results of Coaching Parents

As a Parenting Coach, I have the opportunity to work with families who struggle to parent their children.  The challenges of learning how to have a better relationship with your own child, is all to normal for a lot of families.  One of our jobs as parents is to UNINTENTIONALLY screw up our kids.  We do our best at the time and hope that it all works out.  When it doesn't, we either avoid it and hope it goes away, we continue to do the same thing over and over hoping for different results, we feel a lot of guilt for things not going well in the home.  There can be a lot of different reasons that we may create in our minds of why we are not able to make a change or make a difference.  All in all, in our minds, we are overwhelmed and stressed out do to the lack of accountability on our child's part. 

Working with families is one of great worth for me.  When the family is committed and willing to take risks through learning new and different tools, it's awesome to watch the progress.  I love the saying, "It's not about Perfection, it's about Progression."  Helping families to recognize their progress gives them hope.  Even when working with families who have a difficult time owning up and taking responsibility for their individual part in why the family is not working as a unit, gives me the ability to focus on the best way to go about helping them to commit.  It's about relationships and the need to be of support, being honest and upfront with what it is I am doing.  It is helping parents to understand why they do what they do.  When they are able to fully understand that concept, they will help their children understand it as well. 

You cannot teach what you do not know.  As a parent myself, I continue to have those great opportunities to be taught by my children.  The importance of allowing them to have a voice in the home, creates the safe environment and teaching moments for the whole family.  I love that this program and its values has taught me the value within myself.  And because of that, I am able to teach and help others to recognize it in themselves.  Especially in my own family.  I am not one who is perfect.  I continue to make mistakes and at times, fall back into old behaviors.  However, the beauty of taking ownership of my choices and my kids experiencing it from me, is what's important in building on the relationship and making the time to talk with them about it.  A Parent Coach is definitely not perfect and does not have all the answers.  However, a Parent Coach of CHOICE definitely has the desire and compassion to help families to move forward in a positive direction that will give them hope.

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